“Living in the Light”

To every pastor that has felt unheard, this is for you. (Please do excuse me if this is not quite so eloquently worded or if it sounds juvenile. )

I used to always think that ‘living in darkness’ meant generally doing wrong and being dominated by evil and ‘living in the light’ meant always doing right and being dominated by goodness and love. For years, I believed this. Then many months ago, a sermon was preached on this topic that shifted my focus on these ideas. For weeks, I mulled it over in my mind. Today, I am glad to announce, it has finally become real to me. Previously, the idea of ‘living in the light’ was intimidating because it seemed to imply transparency and perfection. Now, I’d like to suggest another way of looking at it. In reference to our sin, suppose ‘living in darkness’ is more about living in ignorance and ‘living in light’ is more about seeing life the way God sees it. We all sin and we all carry burdens. Suppose ‘living in the light’ is not just about believe that you can cast your cares on Christ, but actually doing it. How difficult is it to simply put them down and walk away? Guilt in particular likes to bind itself to us. For those like myself who struggle with guilt, it takes a stranglehold on our lives and clings tightly as we try to move forward. Perhaps this is another facet of the truth (Christ) setting us free. It seems so difficult because it is so tightly wound around us, and yet even as I write these words, it strikes me that the words that are coming out all point to Jesus and the Gospel and the most basic tenets of faith. Somehow, I never connected these things before. I don’t know why it has now, but I am glad it has.

” Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”

To encourage my pastors, I would like to say, I hope you live to experience many moments of revelation in the lives of your congregation and I’m happy to share mine with you now.


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