Feathers and the Christmas Tree

As promised, the Christmas Tree lifespan report as well as the story of our bat, Feathers.

The Christmas Tree was taken down in February after Valentine’s Day.  I managed to get the whole thing down myself. It was a bit of a fire hazard by the end there. No decorative disco balls were lost or harmed in the process. Actually the most difficult part about taking down the tree was getting the angel off the top of an eight foot tree. Regrettably, our one and only urn was broken in the process of  removing the tree. Because it was too depressing to see everything go, I left all the lights up around the sun room to keep it looking cheery.

Feathers, our dead bat, which I ironically named knowing full well that bats don’t have feathers, died in a lamp we have set out on the front screened-in porch. He’s been there since early January. He was originally alive when I found him inside the house in Meg’s room shortly after Meg left for her winter break. He was sleeping happily in a lamp shade, but woke up and fluttered about on the porch when I tried to take him outside. Bat catching has never been a skill that I could develop, so I left the door to the screened-in porch open all night. Regardless, I found him a day or two later ‘sleeping’ in the lamp shade on the porch. It took me a long time to realize that he was dead because I didn’t want to touch him or really come anywhere near. We thought that he would begin to smell and decompose when the weather got warmer, but he continues to look at crunchy as ever. We have really gotten use to having him there, so it feels wrong to kick him out now. He remains in the lamp shade on our porch to this day.


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