March update

My apologies on a long online absence. Much has happened since mid-January. Meg is back from her long winter break at home. The last several weeks have been busy in preparation for a conference in San Diego (this past week), catalog deadlines, book projects, and housing decisions for this year amongst other things.

I will not attempt to recount events from the last two months, but important things to know for now would be the decision Meg and I have made to move back to Williamsburg in the summer and take on a new roommate. We feel this will be a helpful step in maintaining a healthy social life. Equally important to know, I pet a Galapagos turtle at the San Diego Zoo this past week while I was in town for a work related conference. I have always wanted to do that and it was most exciting. The last noteworthy fact is my impending visit on the first weekend of April.

More updates to come…


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