Four Meg-less Weeks

Since I returned to Virginia after New Years, I have been on my own. Meg left for her four week break from Colonial Williamsburg the morning after I got home. It started out a little slow because I started to feel and sound a bit ill. Luckily, I didn’t come down with anything horrible, and it passed relatively quickly. Altogether, I lasted eight full days and nights alone before I started staying with friends. I consider that much improved since last year. Part of that is due to the fact that I had more to do when I came home. I rearranged the furniture in every room except Meg’s bedroom and the bathroom. I cleaned each room and re-organized my half of the shared areas. I dealt with all my finances. I built a fire every night rather than using the regular heat. I caught up on my Bible studies that I hadn’t been able to attend in weeks. I cooked every night. It was a very productive eight days at home. Since then, I have taken on a few more web projects and caught up with some of the reading I hadn’t finished from last year. Also, I cooked myself a good dinner! I made a huge pot of chili that turned out beautifully (thanks to the Tumnus Guide for cooking) and got me through three or four days of meals.

There is the story of the bat that I found in our house that I will share at some point. It’s not quite over, so I can’t fully report the story just yet.

The Christmas Tree is still standing! The lights are still up as well.


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