New Years

And we’re off! The New Year has started with Meg driving to Maryland to be with her family, while I stay here and hold down the fort for a little while.  Actually, a long while. In fact, I don’t have any plans to travel till March.  I’m fairly content with that. I have a chance to re-adjust to living here. It’s nice to feel settled every now and then. I’m going to take up biking this year. I’ve already talked to Luke about getting a bike. I loved biking when I was a kid. I haven’t had a bike for years, so it’s been years since I’ve ridden at all. I also plan to work on my family genealogy some more this month and next.  I continued my subscription from last year, but I will have to upgrade from US records to World records soon. I’ve gotten far enough back, that I will only find more about my ancestors that came to America from their European records. It’s such an interesting process finding people and understanding a little more about who they were.

I suppose I should make another attempt to learning cooking while Meg is away. I ate directly from the pot that I cooked in tonight. It definitely saves on clean up, but it feels a bit uncivilized. Anyway, I think I will be more intentional about finding recipes and trying them.

Two years ago, our Christmas tree lasted until Valentines Day. It may have been a fire hazard at that point, but I would like to see if the tree this year can break that record. I’ll report back on that later.

This blog is supposed to include my advancing web design skills as well, so I suppose I need to have a technological resolution for this year. I would like to get better with video and audio editing and producing. I won’t really expand on that just yet. I’ll save that for another post. That covers my current new years goals.


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