Breaking the Month Silence

If you read my blog, odds are that you know me and you know that I have been on the road for most of the month of November. This is not going to change much for December. I will be away every weekend but one. My posts will be few and far between because it is difficult to keep up on the road with limited time and limited internet.

In my brief update here I would like to happily announce that Meg and I purchased a Christmas tree tonight and have decorated the sun room in a festive manner. Our tree fell on us once while we were trying to put it up along with all the water that was in the stand, and I had to hack away a significant part of the stem just to fit it in the stand. It’s quite lovely now though, you should come see it if you have the chance. Meg baked some cookies with m&m’s and I put up all the lights. I am also spending the evening paying off the bills I racked up this week from tolls in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Maryland. I never carry cash anymore, so tolls are a bit of an issue. My laundry buzzer just went rang, so I am off to fold clothes.



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