Voting for Congress

Tonight I was looking at information for the election tomorrow. What a disaster! The Board of Elections sites wasn’t so bad, but then I went to the links of each of the candidates running for Congress in  Virginia. First, the images are tacky and bad. I think one was a bad resolution clip art image that was used as a large background image for the entire site. It was fuzzy and way too busy looking for the text that was hiding on the page. Second, most of them don’t have text on the pages where they list their thoughts on the issues. Nope. It’s a thirty minute youtube video of some press interview. I don’t have thirty minutes to sit and watch your long discussion with the media. I want a summary of words with your thoughts on certain topics so I can quickly decide if I like anything you say. Third, list more than three issues. I promise there are more than three important issues in politics right now. People want to know what you think on several major issues not just the first two that come to your mind. And saying things like “I promise to uphold the constitution” is pointless and subjective anyway. What politician says “I plan on tossing the Constitution out and moving on to better things”? Even if that is true in its own way, we know you believe your are “upholding the constitution” according to your own definition. Same goes for believing in freedom. We know. Skip the formalities and get to the point. Fourth, EDIT YOUR TEXT. If you have bad grammar on your website, you will leave a bad impression. I don’t want to vote for someone I don’t think is smarter than me. Lastly, organize your site. It should not take anyone more than five minutes to find any page on your website that may be of interest to the average voter. User-friendliness is important people. If it’s hard to find your  pages, I will give up and not vote for you. Make your website or other pages easy to find. Don’t hide your pages, that makes you sketchy. It might also be helpful to change your name from something totally common (John Buchanan) to something more identifiable so that I don’t have to figure out that you were not born in the 1800’s, a priest, a Canadian politician, or the guy who died five years ago.

As a web designer and webmaster, I am simply appalled that a person running for congress would want their name associated with something so disorganized and unappealing. If this vote were based on your web performance alone, this would be a true disaster. Since it is not, I’ll vote fair. Props go out to Chuck Smith who’s organization is acceptable and only offense is ugly color schemes.

That friends is the most political, I think, I will ever get on this blog.


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