Birthday Extravaganza

First, I should say that I am only up posting right now because I am incapable of falling asleep. I have tried for the last hour with no success. It is simply one of those nights when my body is tired and my brain won’t turn off.

Anyway, yesterday after church, I took Meg on a birthday extravaganza. I had been planning it out for a long time, and we decided last minute to carry out the plan on Sunday, the day before her real birthday, because we would have more time than we would if we waited for Monday evening after work. This was all planned to be a bit of a traveling birthday party. We went to six different location where she would receive one pre-bought gift, and one of her own selection at the chosen location. While I had pre-determined the first and last location, the remaining four were number and selected by the rolling of a die before leaving the previous location. It worked out really well. We started out at Aroma’s, a local coffee shop in Williamsburg, and went on to a favorite thrift store, followed by manicures at a salon, fries from a fast food chain, books from Barnes and Noble, and finally pizza for dinner which we brought home and devoured shortly after. It was a lovely afternoon, and I think Meg enjoyed the experience.

Today, being her actual birthday, I drove Meg into work in the morning and picked her up after work in the evening. We invited a few friends to come with us, and we took Meg out to dinner at a Vietnamese restaurant. The food was pretty good. A few times, I asked what it was that I was eating, but mostly I was told to eat and not ask. After dinner we drove back to the Bed & Breakfast were we had cake and ice cream with Justin,  Mel and Justin’s parents. It was a nice, relaxed celebration which was nice after the longer celebration the day before. We both grew really tired and returned home. Since then, I have been trying to settle m brains down enough to sleep, but as you can see, I am not succeeding. I suppose I need to give it another go. Before I do, let me just say happy birthday to my father who is technically 56 and a composite number once more. Way to go dad!


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