More Wedding Details

A few other wedding moments are worth mentioning in a second post of random details, so here they are:

I danced with my dad for the first time at the wedding.

I was spent a great part of the evening before the wedding with my grandparents at the Bed & Breakfast. It was really great because I don’t really get to spend that much time with them. I learned from Fadu that I was “cute” because I scowled all the time when I was little, or so are the words from Fadu. I also learned that I met Grandma Caroline at Chapelgate before she was my Grandma. Also worthy or noting: Fadu and Grandma danced to Michael Jackson at the wedding.

I recorded a short video of the most ridiculous dancing by Uncle Pete, Dad, and Luke.

Emma likes pearls. She sucked on my fake pearls for half of the wedding and the following day.

Luke and Joy showed us the Literal Version video of Total Eclipse of the Heart, which is pretty funny.

I got some tips from Uncle Alan and Aunt Diane for my trip to Boston coming up in the next month.

I learned that Sam knows how to dance. I even danced with Sam for one dance. I was coerced into doing so, but anyway, it was fun.


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