The Wedding

Last week was very busy with wedding preparation. Meg left and I had seven people staying at the cabin for the wedding, all of whom were part of my family. The week before the wedding was a bit stressful. The cabin looked the best it has possibly ever looked by the time everyone arrived. The wedding was nice. The food at the reception was surprisingly good. I had ribs for the first time. I got dragged out to the dance floor several times, and stepped out willingly a few. Most of you know or saw the set up attempt that didn’t go so well. If you want to know that story, you will have to ask because there is no way I am posting that on the internet.  Anyway, I got to spend lots of time with the baby who likes me a little more now. She lunged for me a few times, possibly because she is confusing me and her mom (same height, brown hair, etc). She didn’t keep us up at night, but she did get up early each morning, so little sleep was had. After the reception, mom, dad, luke, joy, mrs. dawn, uncle alan, and aunt diane and I went to the Blue Heron where we saw the rest of the wedding party again. We had fun. Overall, it was a pretty good weekend, but clean up has been an ongoing process.  Congratulations Mike and Lacey!


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