A Rainy Wednesday Night

After a long break from updating, I have decided to revive my blog. It could be that the long awaited changing of seasons has had an effect on my mood and thereby my decision. I am a mood writer. It’s not terribly compatible with blogging. I find it difficult to force myself to write on a regularly kept schedule, so more often then not, I go long periods without writing. But, since I would like to train myself to keep a regular writing schedule, I shall revive my original attempt to do so.

Last week was busy. This week is busy and next week will also be busy. It is entirely possible that I will be busy all the way up to Thanksgiving break. I always seem to overbook myself when I feel the smallest amount of restlessness. I have struggled with restlessness off and on for the last year. Last month was particularly difficult. I know that all my current and future plans will not solve the problem of restlessness, but it will give me rest from the constant panic of becoming stagnant. I think I fear settling.

I could continue with those thoughts, but I would like to form the habit of being brief with my posts. I know I don’t like reading super long posts by other people, so I don’t expect others would want to read extensive posts by me. Not only this, but I know that my habits have little chance of success unless, I allow myself to keep them short and thereby maintain my own interests in posting smaller portions on a more regular basis.


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