We have start moving. John Barrows and Mrs. Biser helped us get some boxes out tonight. It was a good portion of boxes. I buried another turtle today. Poor Bruce was with me for three years and three moves. He had been with me any longer than any other turtle before. He was given a proper burial with a large log to mark his place and keep away predators. Cause of death is uncertain, so please don’t ask.
I discovered a tool to work with 3D objects today. That was exciting. This will certainly allow more possibilities for web designs with some practice. Oh, I also had a lovely dinner with Tanya Moore, Justin and Mel, and Meg and Mrs. Biser this evening. We had spicy tilapia and some mixed vegies from Mel. As always, everything was great. It is also just a relief not to have to cook in the midst of everything that is happening. I could still use some prayer to get through the next few days, over the hump of anxiety. I will try to be good about updating through the process since I know many of you would like to be able to help, but simply can’t be here. I’m falling asleep at the computer, so I shall sign off now.


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