Midnight Thoughts

It’s late and I can’t get to sleep, so I guess this is as good a time as any to post. This has been another busy week. I have managed to find some time to do some digging into our family history. I have been able to trace our family line back three and four generations. I must say, this stuff really fascinates me. People are just so interesting. I really like hearing the stories. I wonder what they were really like and what life was really like for them. I’ve come to some dead ends it seems with my online research, as far as tracing the lines back any further, but there is more to be found within what I have already discovered.
It does make me think about my own family and how we are all changing and following different paths in life. I feel a bit more disconnected as my communication has gotten worse. Not with everyone, but many. I’ve been meaning to send messages and write letters and call so many time, but I’ve failed to even keep up with the habits I was trying to make. I’ve either been to busy to fit it in this week, or forgotten to do it the next. Granted, it has been busy around here, and its difficult to keep up good communication with so many people. The fact remains that if I want it to improve, I’ve got to put forth the effort. I think those are probably the only useful thoughts I have to share tonight. I’m heading to New York City next week, so I will post again before I leave.


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