Playing Catch Up

Ok, so this post will include last weekend as well as this weekend. Last weekend I spent in Maryland at Aunt Sus and Uncle James’ house. I had a great trip. I spent some time with my cousin Mike. I got to spend some great time with Fadu and Grandma. I had lunch with them and we talked about our family geneology. It’s really quite interesting. I was able to copy some pictures and other information to start some searching of my own. I also met up with mom and dad to make a special trip down to the Cox’s for dinner on Saturday night. It’s always so great to spend time with old friends. I harassed Uncle Bill a bit while we played dominoes. He loved it. Don’t let him tell you otherwise. He also loved my donating all my points to him when we had to leave. 🙂
I got to spend some time with my dad in the car also. Granted its not much time, but we always cover so much in just a few minutes. Then I stayed up with Aunt Sus for a little while before we got the call about Uncle James having an accident. It is amazing he was alright after seeing the car. His poor beautiful car was totaled. I mourn with you, Uncle James. I loved that car as well. The next day everyone came down for mother’s day. I loved being with my family. There’s just something very right about sitting around the table at Aunt Sus and Uncle James hanging out with everyone. I also got to hold my sweet little niece. She drooled and smiled and pulled my arm hairs in her sleep….it was great.

During the week, I had a lot to do. It was a busy week. I had another training day in Richmond which was great but early and long. I ran to town many days this week to get posters done for our conference coming up next week. I am confident that we will be ready, but some of the prep work has started to wear me down. I fought with several adobe programs this week which made me edgy several afternoons. I really try not to get cranky at the office cause its really no one’s fault, but sometimes computer trouble tempts me to lose sanity. It wasn’t a bad week, particularly, just full.

Skipping to this weekend now. This weekend was also pretty good. I met Mel’s parents and Mel’s brother, Matt (though that was actually earlier this in the week, including a trip to dairy queen). Friday night I had kid duty. I fed three sick kids and Meg. I also went for a walk with Dan. Dan told me his theory about germs and gravity. Then yesterday I finally got some time to clean after possibly three weeks of not being able to. I restored my room and other parts of the house to their proper condition of cleanliness. Last night we had dinner with Justin, Mel, Matt, the Bryan’s and Mel’s parents. It was nice outside and we grilled and everything was good and it was fun. I got to play with young Alex and discuss linux and dreamweaver with Matt. This morning I was almost late to church because Kate and Josh got on and let me video chat with Emma. Church was great as usual. Ashley and Mike Smith came with little Elliott. He made his first appearance. I got to talk with Mike and Ashley for a little while which was great. After church, Meg and I went for a long walk down to the cabin where we are moving in precious few weeks. We walked around in there and sat on the back porch for a little while just talking. I think I’m going to love living down there. It’s so peaceful and relaxing. When we came back, we made a bonfire and cooked hot dogs and corn over the fire. I hosed myself down with bug spray and still managed to get bitten everywhere. I might as well be steak and potatoes to those bugs. Now I am sitting here with an overactive brain which I can’t quite settle. I am feeling a bit stuffy as well, so I think the best solution for all this is to just take another benadryl and go to bed.


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