I got sick last weekend with some allergy related illness that has not quite dissipated yet. I lost a turtle last week, so I was both sick and depressed. I stayed home in bed all day Saturday. Sunday, I started to feel better and went to Lewis Ginter Botanical Gardens with the Winyards and Meg. It was very beautiful, but it was also a really hot day, so I sought shade most of the afternoon. We were treated to dinner at the Olive Garden in Richmond after an afternoon outside. It was quite a nice day other than the heat. Monday and Tuesday I had training days in Richmond that were longer than normal days with the hour drive each way. Luckily, Justin was going with me, so I didn’t have to go alone and had someone to keep me awake in the car in the early morning and after a long day. The training was great and really helpful. It was a basic two day course on Adobe Indesign which we use at the office daily. Then, this morning was back to normal. I am doing a little extra traveling to prepare for a conference later this month. Between the bad allergies, lingering sickness, and extra traveling, I am feeling really tired and losing some of my appetite in the middle of the day. I am coming home exhausted and taking allergy medicine just to get a decent nights sleep. We had prayer group at our house night which I just barely woke up for in time. As always, prayer group was great. Possibly the most helpful thing I am doing at present. The plan is to come up to Aunt Sus and Uncle James’ on Friday night and stay through Mother’s day. So, I will be seeing some of you soon. It is time for me to retire and also remove the remaining sick turtle from his medicine pool for the night. (He’s doing a little better, but still not out of the woods)


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