A few thoughts from Bible study

I had Bible study with Mel this morning. We went through Romans 12. In this chapter, Paul talks about not thinking yourself better than others. As soon as I read it again, I remembered a moment that this exact thought crossed my mind last week. I was being snarky with Justin for some reason. I can’t really remember why, but something struck me right after I turned back to my own desk. This is exactly what I was doing. I was trying to feel superior by acting arrogantly towards Justin. Don’t misunderstand here, I know that I do this all the time. I am well aware of that, but this is significant because it is the first time I have caught myself in the act and therefore stopped dead in my tracks. I had a wave of guilt as soon as I recognized it. The Holy Spirit has been grabbing my attention more often these days, and I consider this a great thing, however, it doesn’t necessarily feel great. It’s quite frustrating to be shown exactly who you are sometimes because who I am is a consistent sinner. But I’m glad to have connected this experience and this verse (Romans 12:3). I know its for my good, and I’m glad to finally be shown what I need to see. That is my thought for the day.

Here’s some more pictures of the infants:


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