Good Day

My camera is outside in my car and its too dark to go out and get it. Sorry. I will upload photos tomorrow of the new turtles and the finally finished table. It is finally being put to use in my bedroom. I am so proud of this table. It really tuned out well, so much better than I expected.

Today was lovely. I mean it was absolutely beautiful. It was in the seventies and slightly breezy. I walked Justin and Mel’s dog for them while they were away today and I was walking down the road through the trees in the shade with the wind blowing in my hair. It was so peaceful and warm. mmm. Later on I cleaned the big turtle tank outside. Because the water was discolored the last few days, I haven’t actually seen the other turtles come up for a few days. They always scamper off the rocks when I come around the side of the house. The movement startles them. Anyway, I pulled them all out today to clean the tank and little Mosely has grown a full inch! He no longer fits in my hand! It was quite surprising to see him hit a growth spurt so quickly. It was less than two weeks that he’s added that inch. Then for dinner I successfully made shish kababs with chicken, shrimp, pinneapple, and potatoes. I didn’t use a recipe. I just made it up. I figured it wouldn’t be too hard. I also made up a sauce which turned out to be pretty decent. I am counting this one in the book of successes. Bed time here. I’ll post some pictures tomorrow. Goodnight.


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