More Turtles

So, right after my class got canceled, I went out to my car and was backed into by another student. Thankfully, there was no damage to either car. My mood was darkening though, so that was not good. Then because I was going home so much earlier than expected, I came across road work which blocked the ramp of the only way I know home from Richmond. I spent an extra twenty minutes re-navigating through Richmond. I got home rather unhappy, but Meg was able to chat the happiness back into me.

Yesterday  I got to oversee dinner with the kids since both Uncle Pete and Aunt Sue were out. Daniel and Ben tried to put on show of who could be more loud and ridiculous again. I caught up on 24, Lost, and American Idol. I have to agree with Uncle Pete. The one constant in this universe is that Jack Bauer can never be happy.

This morning I labored over an audio project I was working on, only to have the server drop off in the middle of my work. (yes, mom, just like Chloe) It was incredibly frustrating, so I retaliated by trying to eat an entire bag of cheese curls…..but I got sick halfway through and stopped. Oh, also I got to say hi to my sister and my niece this morning when I woke up. She looked at my more than her feet this time. I count that as great improvement. Bible study with Mel went well this morning also. I’m glad we’re keeping the big picture in mind as we are going through Romans, because I often get caught up in verse by verse confusions. We were reading Chapter eleven today about the Olive Tree and the Branches that are grafted in and the branches that are cut off. The more I read it, the more I seem to connect with the analogy.  I’m not sure what I’ll do when we finish Romans. I’m hoping I can convince Mel to continue meeting with me ad simply moving to a different book. We’ll see.

I also hosted a virtual picnic with some of my roommates from college this afternoon. We all met on skype during our lunch breaks and chatted while eating our meals. They really took that idea and ran with it. It was great. Hopefully we can do it again soon.

And on an ending note, prayer group was awesome tonight. We had a big turkey feast with tons of people and the prayer meeting itself, I thought, went really well also.

I’m losing consciousness quickly, so I will say farewell, and…………….I ordered three more turtles today for my pond. They’ll be here tomorrow. 🙂  Here’s a picture of the one that Uncle Pete and Ben brought in off the road last week.

what a cutie


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