Time for a New Post

Many of  you know that mom and Aunt Sus were down last week. We had a lovely visit, exept that mom was sick and the pollen was so bad it was covering everything. By everything, I mean there was a layer of yellow on my car when I came out in the morning and it looked like it had been painted.  It was so gross.  Anyway, we went to dinner at the  Blue Heron and had a lovely run front view.  I got all the plants that were brought down for me in pots by saturday morning. I was mega-productive. I did tons of cleaning saturday morning in a very short amount of time. I also FINISHED MY TABLE!!! (pictures will be up shortly) I forgot to mention that Friday, Ben stopped by the office and dropped off a very large, full-grown water turtle at the office. They found it in the road and brought it to me, because I would know what to do with it. Well, he or she was not happy to have to hang out at the office while I finished work.  I took some videos and photos that I will try to put up later as well. I released s/he into the river after work. Poor turtle was missing an eye lid. They have three eye lids, so s/he’ll be fine, but it looks like it could be having some trouble with that eye. S/he is too large to really have any predators, so the river is the best place for her or him.

Saturday afternoon, we had a baby shower for Ashley Smith.  She is due at the end of April and also decided to be surprised as to whether it is a boy or a girl. It was very nice. The food was good.

And I just found out that I don’t really have class tonight. Ugh. ok. I’ll write more later after I drive home again.


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