I’m behind a few days. I’ll talk a little bit about Easter. Easter morning I woke up at 5:30…or rather, stopped rolling around being restless at 5:30 AM. I got dressed and drove over to Uncle Pete’s in order to get a ride to the sunrise service at another church in Charles City. I was quiet awake and made it through the entire service without getting tired. It was good, different, but good. I’m glad to be able to worship with some of the other people in the county who I would otherwise never see. After the service, there was a breakfast served to all interested in eating. Now, I usually get sick eating anything early than 9 AM, but I decided that I should try to eat something and be social if possible. After breakfast, I rode home with the Moore’s and then proceeded to drive home, drop my shoes and purse at the door and fall face first into my bed again. I got up five minutes later to set my alarm to be sure that I would wake up again. I slept for two hours, got up, checked on the turtles and drove straight to church. Again the church service at Peace Hill was great. They played many of my favorite songs during the service. Uncle Pete preached on Revelation 22 its similarities with the resurrection. It was quite uplifting. Again, I made it through the second service awake ad alert. After church we had lunch and then organized a large game of baseball. I survived two collisions with teammates and opponents during the game. I thought for sure I was a goner when my cousin Daniel dove towards my ankles, but it was not the end. It was really fun playing with just about two full teams of people. Many innings later, my team won 13 to 11. Shortly after the game, I crashed. I fell asleep on the couch in Aunt Sue and Uncle Pete’s living room. I slept for another hour before being awoken for egg dyeing. Many eggs were dyed including: a globe, a saturn-looking egg, a pink eye, a turtle egg, and an egg dedicated to Sean Mosely and Maryland. After egg dyeing, some people his the eggs and other hunted for them. I went out into the garden to chat with Uncle Pete and Aunt Sue. We stayed for dinner and had left overs. I polished off most of the rest of my candy that Aunt Sue and Uncle Pete has prepared for Meg and I knowing we would be coming over for Easter and not having Easter baskets. It was very sweet. Between that and the chocolate mom had sent down earlier, I was set. Meg and I went home after dinner and relaxed for the rest of the night before going to bed a little earlier than normal.

Today, Aunt Sus and Mom came down to visit. They got here around 5 PM as I was getting ready to walk out the door. We unpacked and then went down to the cabin to have a look around. Aunt Sus got to check out the cabin we are moving into later this year. We decided to go to dinner right after. We went down to the Blue Heron and had dinner right along the river. They had that great soup again that I had last week. It was so good. I think we all ate to maximum capacity because everyone was really tired after dinner. We walked out on the docks before getting back in the car and driving home. We chatted most of the rest of the night and I showed mom and Aunt Sus some videos I’d been working on for Peace Hill Press with the kids. We told stories and laughed for possibly an hour straight. I gave mom the rest of my Nyquil since she hasn’t been feeling well. I also convinced her to take some extra strength Ibuprofen. It seems to be working. Hopefully she will feel better in the morning. Time for unwinding and going to bed. More to come later. I will try to upload some of the pictures of my Easter eggs later, so check back.


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