Good Friday

The past several days have gone by quickly. I’ve been working pretty hard at work to get some projects done because I was into it. I’ve done a lot of web designing in the last week. Many of you now know that Uncle Pete had a false alarm with some chest pains this week. He’s absolutely fine, but it took me a bit by surprise. All is well though, so there is really nothing to report there. Today, however, I dressed up for work since it is Good Friday, and I was planning on going to the service later on. Twice by the same person, I was asked if I was going on a hot date since I was all dressed up. Then, I was teased for my fifties style. I had a tea length dress with a black sweater and red colored pearls. First, let me just say that fifties style looks good on me. Second, I like dressing up for holidays. It just more exciting.  The service was good in that “slightly depressing” sort of way. It’s important to understand the gravity of what happened, and what was done for mankind, to make Sunday the day that it should be.

I also learned tonight that Daniel sometimes sings to the chickens when he is outside gathering eggs. He has also been known to tell stories to the chickens or his dog, which keeps him outside a bit later than expected for his chores. Dan is now taller than me. I don’t remember when that happened because he was shorter than me two years ago when we moved here. Sometime in the last couple months he grew several inches and surpassed me on his way to 6′ 8” as he says. Ben got his new drum set today. It’s red and large and shiny and loud. I plan to keep a safe distance.

Tomorrow,  I need to do some laundry, feed the turtle, take care of general clean up and hopefully do some relaxing after a long, yet productive week of work. I shall post again soon. It’s almost time for more pictures of something, so keep your heads up.


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