Monday’s aren’t off to a good start this year. The past two mondays have been wet and rainy and frustrating.  Last week I lost my keys, this week I am trying not to hydroplane all the way to school. I like rain and all, but I also like being dry.

I am here in class a little early today. I have finally figured out the traffic patterns enough to miss all the bad traffic and still get here in time for class. I even got a good parking spot today, which is great because I will probably have to walk back through the rain again tonight. Next week I won’t have regular class, so I can stay home and do my online assignment. Online class is possibly the best invention as far as school goes.I don’t have that much school left in this semester. I think I only have  three more classes and then the final, so it will all be over soon.

In other news, I started a family geneology on last night. I plan on doing some research so all of you out there who are related to me, start getting your facts ready.  Dad. Mom. Fadu. etc.

Time to go. I’ll be back tomorrow. Have a lovely evening.


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