Spring Cleaning

Today I shall simply list of the things I accomplished. First I finished reading the book I was reading last night. Then I did my laundry, and moved Meg’s new mattress and box spring upstairs to her bedroom. I took her old mattress and box spring off the bed and moved them into her other room. I put the new mattress and box spring on and made the bed. Then I vacuumed the first floor followed by part of the second floor. The I took the turtles outside and fed them. Then I rearranged the living room and cleaned the turtle tank in order to move it outside for the spring. Then I cleaned and organized the laundry closest, the pantry, and the first closet full of our moving boxes from last year. Then I started dinner. While the oven was preheating and the pot boiling, I went upstairs and cleaned my bathroom. I also cleaned the bathroom on the first floor. Then I finished dinner and started cleaning the kitchen and washing the left over dishes. Then I changed my mind about leaving the turtles outside tonight because the forecast changed from mid forties to thirty-nine. I can’t leave my sweet boys outside to freeze all night, even with a water heater, so I brought them in and filled the tub part of the way and put them in their for the evening before I move them into a smaller tank for the night. Then I took a shower.

Most. Productive. Day. Ever.

I’ll try to be more interesting tomorrow. Actually I am going to meet one of my roommates from college tomorrow in King George, VA. Just wanted to do a visit. I probably won’t be back until late, but I will try to update since I won’t be able to on Monday since I have class. Till then…here are some pictures from my weekend home last weekend.


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