School, Work & Prayer Group

Class went well on Monday. It centered around Project Managing which is exactly what I am doing at work right now. That and other things. Work is going really well. I had gotten behind a little on a few things and was able to catch up from the weekend in the last two days. I’m back on schedule with all my projects and enjoying it. Susan and I did our first Question and Answer video for our Peace Hill Press fans. I got to work on that for a while today and got the first video ready for review. I am also getting into the habit of writing things down so I won’t forget how to do a task I already figured out once. I had a little trouble earlier converting the file from our video in one that my computer would be able to read and edit, so when I figured it out, I wrote down all the steps and alternatives that I took to convert it correctly so I won’t have to re-problem solve. Anyway, that was exciting. We had prayer group tonight and that was great as usual. There’s something very comforting about coming to God with the things  on your heart, even if you aren’t in the “right frame of mind.” It’s just so comforting to know that He meets us where we are and understands what our words can’t say.

I am going to head downstairs now and work on my lunch for tomorrow. We have hardly any food in the house since I haven’t had time to go grocery shopping. I won’t have time to make anything in the morning cause Mel and I switched our Romans study to tomorrow morning this week. I already cooked up some bacon, but now I’ve got to go boil and mash some potatoes. Have a lovely evening.


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