Baseball and Basketball

Ugh. That was a painful loss. When we came back in the last minute we were all jumping off the couch in excitement, and I threw my arms up over my head before realizing that Daniel’s face was hovering just behind me. Dan fell backwards with a great crash as I accidentally punched him in the face. The less I say about the game though, the better.

So today when I got home I let the turtles out in the pool for the afternoon and played some baseball with Dan, Ben, Andrew and Uncle Pete. I CAN STILL THROW!!! It was very exciting. I also had a little batting practice which result in a bruised right forearm from swinging a bat too big for me. It was fun though. Reminds me of the old days playing softball at the Cox’s picnics with all the adults. Anyway, after the game we went into town to catch dinner and a movie to feel better. It worked. 🙂 I’m tired now, so I am going to bed. I have class tomorrow, so it is likely I won’t update again until Tuesday sometime. Goodnight.


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