Today is a day for firsts. First turtle save of the season.  Hurray! (I named him Angry because he sure was) First wasp killing in the house. First mosquito bite of the season.  First bright sunny day over seventy degrees. First mailing from Social Security regarding my future. First water lily purchase. It was an exciting day to say the least. We lost power a few times this morning for just a few minutes, but it wasn’t any trouble. I moved some furniture around, did some vacuuming,  some laundry, disposed of the ugly trolls guarding the doorway, and cleaned the turtle tank. The turtle that I rescued is a larger version of Little Sean Mosely who is presently still a baby painted turtle. I put int he back seat of the car on my way into town and he dashed for the car engine, so I had to built a mini fortress on the floor from which he could not escape. To make his ride more comfy, I put him in the trunk for the few minutes in town and the drive back. He liked that much better. He spent the rest of the day in the yard with the other turtles, eating worms and swimming in the baby pool. Overall productive day. I have remembered to set my clock forward for daylight savings and I have remembered to wear my little red ribbon that I made years ago to wear on the birthday of Grace Bauer, my oldest sister in heaven. Happy 30th!

Clearly delighted to have been rescued from Virginia drivers


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