My name is Mollie Bauer. I’m a college graduate with four years of experience as a webmaster and graphic designer. This site was originally created to be my ‘playground’ for learning web techniques as well as a means of communication for my long distance family and friends. It has developed into a portfolio of my work along with a combination of my personal and creative expressions.

I started my career as a college graduate looking for a teaching job, having just finished a semester in student teaching in New York and Switzerland and receiving a B.A. in english and adolescent education from Houghton College. Like many other recent college grads, I found that I, in fact, did not want a career as a teacher. This decision led me to the search that led me to Virginia just a few short months later. I was hired by a publishing company where I evolved into an in-house web designer, graphic designer, project manager, and marketing coordinator. Each employee wore many hats, but I grew into my position very well. Having received some formal training, I started to improve my natural computer and technical abilities and feed a growing interest in business, design, and event planning. I am a fast learner and dreamer, but I did not anticipate this future. I am fortunate to have excellent training, a capable and wonderful team to have worked with, and challenges that have given me the experience I now have. I am ready to venture out and build on my current skills while soaking up as much new knowledge as possible.